Why work for us?


At the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, we aim to set the standard for how long-term care is delivered to medically complex children. And according to the children and their families we care for, it’s clear we hit the mark.

Our entire interdisciplinary care team spends each and every day working to help each child reach his/her full potential and developmental milestones.  Our staff involves families in every step of their child’s care plan, including training on how to care for their child and the proper use of medical equipment. We join with families in the holistic care of their children.

With every child at the Pediatric Center, not only do our staff strive to provide the best medical care, but we also strive to provide the most comprehensive educational and emotional support, too.  Our staff ensures that each child and their family feel safe, comfortable and cared for during their journey with us and even in the years after. These children, no matter how many months or years they’re with us, become a part of our family.



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